100+ (E-)Learning Professionals

Matt Lingard on Twitter
Matt Lingard on Twitter

It’s hard to fathom but I don’t appear on the 100+ (E-)Learning Professionals to follow on Twitter created by Jane Hart.  And actually 100+ = 180.  Perhaps I’m a) not professional enough b) talk too much about lunch…  I can take comfort in the fact that I do at least follow a decent handful of the top 100 and have heard of a fair few more so perhaps the answer is b) not a).

I discovered this poor quality list via @psychemedia (Tony Hirst) who has produced a Yahoo Pipe which produces a feed of all the tweets of the chosen few (OK more than a few), more details on Tony’s Blog.

Also, thanks to @msars for pointing out Tweet3d which produces a 3D word cloud summary of a twitterer’s tweets; try mattlingard and see why I’m outside the top 180!

And another thanks to @gconole ( a top 100-er!) for highlighting Twitter Grader which gives me a lowly 35 and ranks me 22,989 out of 37,398… it’s quality not quantity.. surely!

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