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I’ve written about Twitter before (all my Twitter posts) but to help me convince some twitter-sceptics I’ve decided to introduce Tweet-of-the-day to my blog.  Hopefully this will also get me blogging a bit more again…

Today’s tweet of the day comes from Graham Atwell:

Tweet of the Day 23/10/08
Tweet of the Day 23/10/08

It’s advertising an episode of his radio show ‘Sounds of the Bazaar’ on Monday.  I find a lot of things through Twitter like this… blog posts to read, journal articles, reports, videos and so on.  So much in fact that I’ve started to neglect my feed reader…

Tweet of the day won’t be daily… but I’ll try to do it fairly regularly and will try to highlight a variety of uses that Twitter serves.  While I’m here… the object of a tweet of the day from last week for all you twitter-sceptics and twitter-fanatics alike.

A Twitter Love Song, by Martin Weller

There’s also a better quality video in Martin’s original post on The Ed Techie.

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