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I’ve never been one for gadgets – the Franklin Rex-3 I bought back in 1997 being the only one I ever owned!  My mobile phones have always been bog standard (free)  models and I’ve never really made much use of the camera or web access:  the odd pic that rarely left the phone, the footy results when I’m out and about.

This year my habits seem to be changing and it is strongly connected to my ever increasing use of Twitter.  A few months ago I discovered that my mobile had  the Opera Mini web browser (it had never occurred to me to look!!).  Since then I’ve found myself reading & twittering more and more on the move which in turn has led to a lot more general browsing.

At the same time I’ve been enjoying an increase in the number of pictures appearing in my twitter stream from services such as twitpic.   And now I’ve joined in thanks to my discovery that I can update Twitter with photos via MMS (multimedia texts) from my phone.  I send the MMS to Mobypicture via an email address (I didn’t know this was possible!) and they automatically update Twitter.  Despite the name, Mobypicture can also be used for audio & video and there are many service integrations including facebook, youtube, flickr & wordpress.

Audio Boo LogoOf course I’m still a long way from being a gadget boy as I discovered at James Clay’s great Mobile Learning workshop at the Plymouth E-learning conference last month where there was a whole suitcase of gadgets!  One of the mobile applications James showed that I really liked was audioBoo  At the moment it’s restricted to the i-Phone but I’m sure they’ll be alternatives soon.  AudioBoo allows you to make & publish an audio recording, with a photo and an automatic Google map location.  Great potential for fieldtrips.   Here’s an example audioBoo James made with me at the conference dinner.

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