Dippy Timelines

Thanks to Brian Kelly on Twitter for this one. Dipity: a tool for creating timelines.  You can add your own events manually or use external feeds – blog posts, your YouTube videos etc.  Here’s a simple one with some of my holiday snaps from Flickr.  Not very up-to-date as i’m usually at least six months behind in getting my photos online…

Timeline image

I couldn’t get the timeline to embed here but if you click the image you’ll get to see the real thing.  For another (better) example take a look at Brian’s original Dipity post.

My example is set so that only I can edit it but you can open it up to others for some collaborative timelining!

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Matt – Thanks for citing my post. Note that you can’t embed such widgets in WordPress.com blogs, for security reasons. Collaborative timelines – now that’s something I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for that.

  2. ah, thanks for the tip… I’ve been meaning to check why this doesn’t work. I don’t like the way it rips out the code and doesn’t tell you! not very friendly

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