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Vodafone PAYG Dongle
Vodafone PAYG Dongle

My mobile technology adventure continues.  Today was my first day using my new pay-as-you-go Vodafone Dongle, bought yesterday after extensive (ahem!) research.  I plumped for Vodafone over O2, as data usage rather than time seemed to be best suited to my occasional out-of-office-at-some-event use.

I paid £35 which includes 1GB (£15 worth) of data use.  According to Vodafone 1GB will give me 30-hours of browsing.  Today I was online for most of the Futurelab Research Day from 10am to 4pm.  I was mainly twittering, browsing,  making notes in a wiki and sending (web) emails so nothing too heavy.  However, it appears to have only cost me 84p which even allowing for lunch & coffee seems pretty good to me.  The time-based O2 PAYG would have cost me £2 (for 24-hours use).  One of the other things I like about the Vodafone deal is that there is no time limit on using up credit which seems to be common in other deals.

Today I was in London, so as I’d hoped the connection was reliable.  My next Dongle test will probably be on the move, bound for Sheffield,  in a couple of weeks.  As you can see my ‘mobile adventure’ is a slow burner.

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  1. Hi Matt – I opted for the vodafone dongle a couple of weeks ago for the same reasons as you’ve outlined. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but it’s come in really handy and proved reliable.

  2. Cheers Matt. Was thinking about these myself but unsure which to go for. Your, eh hem, extensive research is much appreciated 🙂

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