Wikis (at) Work

I’ve started work on an ALT-C 2008 Review wiki which we’ll be using to collect comments and reflections from the ALT conference delegates to help write a Review of ALT-C article for the ALT Newsletter.  Will it work?  Who knows… but worth a try.

My use of wikis has increased a lot over the last six months or so, although I’ve had minimal success with collaborative ventures!  I’ve been using a private wiki as my notepad and the main place for drafting stuff I’m writing, such as plans for workshops & notes for meetings.  I’ve also created a few wikis with multiple authors again for planning workshops & writing reports but these have worked less well as others haven’t really joined in!

The team I work in have a shared wiki and we do make a lot of use of it, for example: for team meetings, brainstorming, documenting stuff & planning staff development sessions.  It works well.  Fingers crossed that the ALT-C review wiki will be a success…  I’ve added a feed of wiki updates to my ALT-C 2008 start page.

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