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Matt LingardAt last week’s M25 Learning Technologists‘ meeting we discussed exactly what we do and what we might be doing in the future. We know how to have fun. Seriously, many thanks to Peter Wren & Julie Voce at Imperial for facilitating this session; it’ll be very interesting to see what comes out of the data collected. Inspired by the session I have produced this pretty picture which you can click on to see it proper. I’m new to FreeMind and haven’t quite figured out how to use it so here is my key:

  • Green means I do it – and the dark green is stuff I particularly enjoy
  • Grey means I don’t do it and in all cases have no strong desire to either
  • Internal-External refers to my institution rather than my immediate team

One thing that my mind map doesn’t do is make a reference to technology vs pedagogy which came into last week’s exercise. I recently blogged on the Pedagogy before Technology mantra and when I tried to incorporate them into my mindmap I realised it was unnecessary as nearly all the stuff I do involves both to some extent.

Build your own?

If you’d like to build on what I’ve done or produce your own personal version, you can get FreeMind here and here is my FreeMind file as a starting point.

Following the meeting Martin Oliver flagged up the Learning Technologists’ page on the HEA’s new Research Observatory wiki, which is under development here.

Reader Comments

  1. I think my “learning technologist” mind map would be almost the same. Maybe my media production ’spaceship’ would be a darker shade of green. They do look a bit like various types of spaceship you know.

  2. Being new to learning technology I found your mind map really inteesting. Since this post is from a couple of years ago, I was wondering if things have changed as to what you do in your job and if there were any change syou’d make to your mind map.

    Oh, and thanks for this post!

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