Tweet of the day 24/10/08

Really a Tweet of the morning, with apologies to this afternoon’s top tweets.  This morning my twitter stream was full of tweets on a Twitter vs blogs debate.  For me it all started with this one:

Tweet of the day 25/10/08
Tweet of the day 25/10/08

The post on Wired by Paul Boutin suggested that:

The blogosphere, once a freshwater oasis of folksy self-expression and clever thought, has been flooded by a tsunami of paid bilge

and that Twitter is now the place to express yourself, blogging being so 2004.  The discussion was picked up by BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones on, who was then involved in a discussion on Thursday’s R4 Today programme.

Twitter has been full of tweets on this topic, my personal favourite in my own twitter stream being this one from @ianloasby.

As for the debate itself, I have to agree whole-heartedly with James Clay on the topic:

Where I think there is still room for blogging is the more in-depth articles, technical, reflective, opinion pieces


It’s [twitter] just another tool that allows you to communicate and learn in ways in which it isn’t possible via blogging and e-mail

As my tweets of the day continue I hope this will become clearer to the twitter-sceptics!

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