Time to twitter?

Now this is me being a reluctant technologist, which generally i’m not, but twitter, I’ll take some convincing.

my twitteringsSeeing that even downing street now twitters there can’t much life left in it but I thought that I should at least try it, after months of resisting… what’s the point etc. I’m still not sure, but we’ll see. You should be able to see a twitter feed of some sort on the right, if I can’t fix it you can see my twitters on twitter.com

Reader Comments

  1. I’m reading! Sorta. And I’m also trying to Twitter. Could it be, at long last, that I’ve done something web 2.0 before you?? I’ve been Twittering since December and bravely battling the suspicion that its a complete waste of time. But I do like to know where the PM is at all times.

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