Those Horizons (again!)

Coast near Cala Gonone, SardiniaFirst post since my hols (very nice, thank you!) and I’m flagging up something I found before I hit the beach which follows on from my Future Technologies post.

Scott Leslie has shared his recent presentation on the 2008 Horizon Report – 6 technologies on the horizon for educational institutions. There is also a wiki page with links to explore this further. Interesting stuff. I’m still not clear on one of the long-term horizons: “Social Operating Systems” and would love someone to explain it to me but the examples that Scott lists for it look pretty cool and I’ll definitely be trying some out.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Matt, glad if the presentation was helpful. “Social Operating Systems” is definitely one of the tricky ones on the list. Let me have a go – the idea with social operating systems is what happens when we take our normal set of apps (our email clients, our office suites, etc) but use them through the lenses of our social networks. When our tools start to understand who we are in relationship to others, they will help us connect in better ways. So both using social networking analysis in the context of using these tools, but also using these tools to interact with our social network. The Xobni example is one of the best ones I think – it is a plugin for Outlook that performs an analysis of your inbox and email habits, which can then help you connect with people in better ways, and understand who you connect with most. The ‘Social Graph’ and OpenSocial are ideas/technologies that will enable this as well.

    Hope that helps a bit, it is definitely a little ‘out there’ on the horizon. There are lots of other related examples at Cheers, Scott Leslie

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