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I’m experimenting with syndication and if it is working then this post, originally written on Reluctant Technologist, will also be published on CLT@LSE.  The syndication feature is an add-on called FeedWordPress.  It’s available in the version of WordPress that we are running at the LSE but doesn’t appear to be included on wordpress.com blogs.

It works using an RSS Feed.  I simply add my blog feed to the CLT@LSE blog and my posts are published there too.  Rather than publishing all the posts I write here I’ve set-up a category called Syndicated and added the feed for that category to the CLT Blog.  That’s how it works, in theory…

Finger-crossed it does as I’ve been neglecting this blog recently but writing over on CLT so hopefully this will help get me back here too!

Update: It worked, now I’m updating to see if that works too!

Reader Comments

  1. It works. Interestingly, the link from the RSS feed takes me to your blog, as do all links to comments etc. I guess that’s how you’d want it. But will it change your writing style on your own blog when you know that it is going to be published on the CLT blog?

  2. Few teething problems to solve. I think I’d prefer it if comments initiated on CLT@LSE appeared there. It should be possible I think but I got the settings wrong yesterday! Also for some reason paragraph breaks aren’t being carried across. It’s a semi manual process at the moment as I’m visiting CLT@LSE after publishing to assign categories that fit the CLT blog rather than adding my categories to existing CLT ones.

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