Stepping Up a Level

Last week I gave an online presentation with my colleague Hervé Didiot-Cook as part of the Wimba Distinguished Lecture Series (Distinguished = we said yes): Winning with Wimba? From early enthusiasts to the mainstream at a UK University. We were talking about the Wimba Voice Tools which we love but it was a taxing experience as we had several problems with audio, some self-inflicted, others due I think to the Wimba Classroom software which we are less sure about – see Web Conferecing a-go-go by my colleague Kris.

Some of the problems Hervé & I experienced are due to our relative inexperience with these kinds of tools, and this what I mean by stepping up a level. I think for many staff and students it is something of a step up from text-based keyboard & mouse interactions to ones involving audio, headsets, video & webcams as well as host of non-technical stuff. (The lack of visual signals etc). If a learning technologist & a learning technology enthusiast struggle with adapting to this then we know it’s going to be a bigger step for staff & students who are less confident with ICTs.

The week before last I was at Imperial talking to a mixed audience (lecturers, learning technologists & IT staff) about our use of Wimba Classroom & Voice Tools. I made this point about these tools being a step up for many users and although there were a few nods of agreement I think there was a certain amount of scepticism too. I’d be interested to hear what others think.

And finally… Donny Donny Donny (sung to Ruby)! Congratulations to Donny Rovers for playing passing football and stepping up a level on Sunday!

Images: Going Up! Doncaster Rovers 1- 0 Leeds United, 2008 League One playoff Final at Wembley.

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