Shocking Numbers

Well not really, but yesterday I was at Shock of the Old, which I have blogged about separately on my work blog.

A few numbers have popped up one way or another this week, that are probably worth some reflection. For now just the numbers, it’s Friday afternoon!

  • Firstly, Ronald Barnett at Shock2008 told us that only 30% of UK university students are what you might call traditional – young, recent school leavers.
  • Secondly , when preparing for a presentation I gave on Monday I discovered that according to the ONS, 88.4% of UK internet connections are broadband which surprised me but that only 61% of UK households had an internet connection which surprised me more. Or perhaps I’m just too wrapped up the online world and have lost touch with reality.
  • Thirdly, my last post on this blog about 1-9-90.
  • Finally, during his talk yesterday David White re-highlighted some data from the SPIRE Online Tool Use Survey (PDF) which came out over a year ago now. It was interesting to see how few tools were being used for study. In fact only Wikipedia stood out and no other tools seemed to have more than 25% of those surveyed using them for study (see fourth page) and most nowhere near that, although Google Search wasn’t included. Equally interesting was the fact that Wikipedia was being used across the age spectrum.

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