Read all about it! allows you to automatically publish a daily online newspaper with writers recruited from Twitter

My combined love of traditional media, new media & automated publishing has been mightily impressed by this morning.  Many thanks to @deerwood for pointing it out. In a couple of clicks I published the first LSE Daily, a collection of articles from LSE tweeters.  The paper will now publish daily.

How does it work?

First you choose your writers using one of three methods:

  1. A Twitter list – this is what I did, using my LSE Twitter List
  2. A Twitter Hashtag
  3. Your own username

Then you click Create.  That’s it; does the rest!  It uses tweets that include links from your chosen source  and displays them in a newspaper format.  I really like the way it embeds media from the sites it links to and the also how it automatically organises the stories into sections.

Plus, for occasional tweeters or those not using Twitter at all there is a daily email alert.


Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for the reminder about! I had a play with this some time ago using a Twitter hashtag, however I didn’t explore the benefits of using a Twitter list. As you point out it could bring together tweets from a list but be shared further with those not yet using Twitter through the email alert. This could be a useful visual way of demonstrating how Twitter could be used in the classroom.

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