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I was watching a don’t interrupt me now, I’m blogging video earlier today… and it seems to have rubbed off.  3 posts this afternoon… this one needs to be quick as the pub beckons.

Develop Me! - University of Bradford Ning
Develop Me! - University of Bradford Ning

Unlike the first two the final post today is hot off the press, as I just picked it up from OUseful where it appeared earlier today.  I’ve looked at the Ning social networking service a couple of times before and with the exception of the Google ads have been impressed (but hey everyone needs an income!).  Anway take a look at Tony Hirst’s post on Institutional Social Networks which will lead you on to the University of Bradford’s new Ning…  I know of a few elgg social networking sites hosted by universities (Brighton, Leeds, Swansea, Manchester) but this is the first use of an externally hosted third-party service I’ve come across by a UK university.  Any more?

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