Less is more

I’ve had a “Less is More” badge for a while but don’t remember where, when or why I was given it.  I’ve always liked the idea though.  At the M25 Learning Technology Group at UEL on Friday, I learned that it’s the motto of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  This fitted in rather well with my own presentation, which was delivered as a Pecha Kucha presentation, that is ,20 slides of images timed at 20 seconds each.  A format developed by architects in Tokyo.

The theme of the meeting was collaboration; I was talking about Cloudworks and my presentation, with the original audio, is below. Preparing for it involved a lot more work that I’d imagined and delivering it was hard work but I really like the format.  As a presenter it forces you focus on what really matters &  of course it’s great for the audience as it’s only 6-minutes 40-seconds!  Definitely something I’ll be doing again and encouraging others to do.

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