Getting Ready for ALT-C 2011

An overview of online participation at the upcoming ALT-C 2011 Conference

Leeds University CampusIt’s just under two weeks until ALT-C 2011, the 18th international conference of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). I’m on the conference committee as one of the “Web Participation Co-ordinators” (WPCs!) and our role is to help ALT make best use of the internet for both delegates and non-delegates.

Participating online at #altc2011

Firstly some stuff that is new for 2011:

  • ALT Live Beta – fellow WPC @jamesclay and my LSE colleague Darren Moon will be broadcasting live from the conference exhibition space everyday. As the name implies this is experimental.  James & Darren will be interviewing speakers and delegates throughout the day.  James has likened it to Glastonbury Backstage 🙂
  • e-Posters – we have replaced the traditional conference posters, relocating them from the Exhibition space to the internet.  In addition, poster contributors will be giving short, Pecha Kucha style presentations, on their posters in 6 scheduled sessions.
  • Streaming Keynotes & Invited Speakers via Adobe Connect – this is a new tool rather than a new feature.  Adobe Connect is replacing Elluminate as the tool of choice.  The live sessions will be open to all offering non delegates access to live audio & video of the main conference presentations.
  • Slideshow – In the main lecture theatre as delegates enter & depart we will be showing a Twitterfountain.  It’s a combination of a photo slideshow and tweets.  The photos are fed from Flickr, Picasa, TwitPic, mobypic & yFrog.  So please upload your photos with the altc2011 tag.  Example TwitterFountain using altc2011 Twitter + altc2010 slideshow.
  • Conference Feeds – in addition to last year’s feed of blog feeds, this year there will be a feed of bookmark feeds and a feed of everything out there tagged altc2011: blog posts, flickr photos, diigo bookmarks, Slideshares etc etc etc.  The feeds (not much in them yet) are available on the conference website.They are created using Google Bundles.

More of the same (stuff from last year):

  • Conference website – again the main website for the conference is the ALT-C 2011 Crowdvine site, a social network pulling together all the online aspects of the conference, including the full programme & discussions. The website is public although participation is restricted to delegates.
  • Twitter & Facebook – both will undoubtedly be busy via the Twitter hashtag #altc2011 & the Facebook page.
  • Recordings of Keynotes & Invited Speakers – these will be available on the ALT Youtube channel soon after the conference.
  • Voting for Best Poster – viewing and voting for the best poster will be done via the conference site and open to all.

I think that’s your lot.  Hope to see you in Leeds!


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