Galway harbourBack from blustery, wet, humid Ireland.  That’s not fair.  It’s true but makes it sound like I had no fun which I did.  It was very beneficial for work too!  I’ve made a couple of posts over on my work blog – one on my presentation to a careers conference and one on a meeting about the National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR).  I had a further meeting on Friday with Sharon Flynn who works for NUI Galway CELT and heads up the Learning Technology side of things.

Our conversation reminded me yet again of how many shared problems learning technology units have.  Not much of a surprise there but I find I tend to forget that between such meetings.  It got me to thinking about more ways of making this happen.  We have an M25 Learning Technology jiscmail & Moodle course with occasional get togethers but I got to thinking that isn’t this something that ALT should be enabling more of.

The HE careers services equivalemt (AGCAS) runs regular courses for its members.  For example there is one called “Challenges” where participants look at national, institutional and personal issues in the context of their service with a focus on contrasting there own experiences and learning from each other.  Perhaps i should drop an email to ALT…

Image: Galway

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