Storing Stuff

Not quite sure where I’m going with this one but the issue of storing stuff has cropped up a few times in the last week.

  • Eportfolios – a place to store stuff and make it available to different audiences – yourself, your peers, your teacher, your employer, the world. At work we’re looking at Mahara & Pebblepad
  • Repositories – see my earlier post on Language Box, a place for teachers to store, organise, share¬† teaching material
  • A course team needing to share material for developing a new module – we’ve been looking at delicious, Google sites & our VLE, Moodle

So lots of people with similar requirements, storing and sharing stuff online…. still no idea where this is going so will need to return to it…

HE & Learning Technology in the Press

Guardian NewspaperI buy the Guardian fairly regularly. Yes, that’s right I buy the print version. Call me an old-fashioned ‘digital immigrant’ if you like but it’s portable, works underground and I can fill in the crossword! I almost always buy Tuesday’s Education Guardian and although the Higher section rarely has much to offer me – I usually find the comment interesting – there’s usually something in the education section as a whole that catches my eye. And then of course once a month it comes with ‘Link: Using Technology to teach and learn‘. Now I always read this (it’s in my job description!) but it is generally very much focussed on Schools. Usually though there is one page tucked away at the back for HE. No longer. The Guardian says:

From this week most of our coverage goes online to give more space to an area that gets little press coverage and yet commands huge budgets

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I’ve been looking at “eportfolios” recently – specifically Mahara & MyStuff, though previously I’ve experimented with elgg too. I say “eportfolios” because I’m not 100% certain what an eportfolio is and just to confuse me further elgg seems to have repositioned itself and dropped that moniker completely:

electronic portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system [Mahara]

OU’s ePortfolio tool [MyStuff]

social networking platform. It offers blogging, networking, community, collecting of news using feeds aggregation and file sharing [elgg]

And one more I haven’t looked at yet (because it costs!)

much more than an eportfolio. It is a Personal Learning System [Pebble Pad]

Blimey! My exploration has been partly initiated by some interest from within the LSE but also by the need to keep an eye on what’s out there… and there’s certainly plenty of talk about eportfolios. I’m still uncertain as to how such a system might be used here, so some initial thoughts: Continue reading “Eportfolios”